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Hilton Properties

Hilton Hotels: As one of the world’s leading hotel groups, Hilton sets the standard for exceptional hospitality experiences. Through our collaboration with Hilton, we have undertaken remarkable renovation projects, enhancing their properties with modern design elements, upgraded amenities, and innovative cabinetry solutions.

Marriott Properties

Marriott Hotels: Renowned for their commitment to luxury and personalized service, Marriott Hotels offer a refined stay experience. Our partnership with Marriott has allowed us to contribute our expertise in renovation, transforming their properties into stunning, contemporary spaces, while integrating bespoke cabinetry that showcases elegance and functionality.

IHG Properties

IHG (InterContinental Hotels Group): IHG encompasses a diverse portfolio of renowned hotel brands, offering distinctive experiences to travelers worldwide. Working closely with IHG, we have successfully executed renovation and new build projects, breathing new life into their properties, and crafting captivating cabinetry solutions that harmonize style with functionality, ensuring an elevated guest experience.